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Speedway SP2000-4

GENERAL SEAMING 4 Needles Equal Needle Gauge

SP-2000-4 is a versatile multi-needle, cylinder bed, double chain stitch machine with vertical looper movement mechanism.
It can be used for attaching elastic and line tape to sweat pants, pajamas, trunks and similar garments. Speedway rear puller mechanism will make this machine popular for attaching pre-closed elastic. Comes in standard 1/4 inch distance between needles, many different needles gauges available.


GENERAL SEAMING 4 Needles Equal Needle Gauge

Cylinder bed automatic oiling, back and forth loopers driving mechanism, suitable for decorative sewing on high quality dress or tubular goods.

Automatic oiling,back and forth driving looper mechanism multi-needle double chainstitch machine. Half cylinder bed,it is suitable for sewing on cylinder clothing,and easy to operate.


Stitch sample:

Its adoption of lever structure ,with lever and wire,it forms a loop

With various needle guages ,machine is able to be installed up to 33 needles within a scope of 15.36mm

Automatic oiling ,close lubricating device

Half cyclinder body design makes it convenient to sew loop shaped clothes

Pop up staff guage structure makes it easy for threading

Button type needle guage is easy for adjustment

Openable needle protecting device for easy threading needles

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