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Hikari HX6816TA-03UTC2/AK

Direct Drive Innovative Noiseless and Power Saving Technology

Super High-Speed Overlock Series with Integrated LED Lights.


With computerized direct drive inside servo motor design (patent), power saving (60 ~ 70%), auto needle positioning. Highest speed can be 7000 rpm, which can improve the production efficiency 14.6%.

With LED power saving light (patent), brightness can be adjusted according to different condition, make convenient and easy to operation.


The power saving technology of HIKARI.
In the last few years, there was an exponential growth at the area of industrial sewing machines compared to the past 20 years.

In 2006 HIKARI made it’s first direct drive single needle lockstitch machine the H8800A. Today the 4th generation the H8800D is on sale, with built in the head control box.

In 2007, the world first direct drive overlock had been released, and now the 3rd generation is on sale, which is the HX6800TA.

HIKARI ® is the leading sewing machine manufacturer in the field of innovation with a biggest experience in direct drive technology, which makes bigger profit in your production site.

The Engineers of HIKARI developed their patented ideas in co-operation with one of the Universities in Shanghai.

Productivity Growth.
The direct drive sewing machines does not have transmission loss like the clutch motor machines. (The belt-drive sewing machine with servo motor has the same transmission loss as well. The increase of the production is about 14,6%. The belt-drive sewing machine sews 1000 meters. Under the same circumstances, the direct-drive sewing machine sews 1146 meters- in every shift.

With one investment, from the beginning, the direct drive motor equipped sewing machines produces extra profit!

Reduced need for maintenance.
The direct drive motors does not require any maintenance. In Europe it’s one of the major priorities, because savings on the operation and the maintenance costs gives higher extra profit, or free sources to distribute on the market.

Reduced energy consumption.
Compared to the clutch motors the direct-drive sewing machines saves up to 66 – 71,5% on electricity bills in every shift depending on the application.

Reduced noise level.
The main purpose is to improve the working conditions of the operators, to obtain a win-win situation. If the sewing machine “loads” less on the operator, they are more relaxed in the last 2-3 working hours, so the productivity’s will not decrease as much as with a louder machine, and the produced waste will be less as well.

Buying Points of the Machine.
This super high-speed overlock machine, with advanced technology and special insight, intelligent direct-drive auto trimmer with many patents. Comparing with traditional belt driving overlock machine, improving efficiency 14.6% ,it saves 60-71% of the power, decreasing the intensity of labour 30%, will guide future trend and create brilliant value for customers.

Computerized Direct Drive Motor.
HIKARI designed, and patented the world’s first direct drive overlock in 2007. The use of the maintenance free direct drive motor offers 14,6 % higher efficiency, and 66 – 71,5% less power consumption compared to clutch motor equipped machines. HIKARI is the leading sewing machine manufacturer in the field of innovation with a biggest experience in direct drive technology, which makes bigger profit in your production site.

Built – in the head LED light for more precise work and better ergonomy.
The LED light is built over the working area, together with the manual chain cutter switch. It is integrated to the machine head for better clearance of the movements of the operator. The LED unit is equipped with 9 LEDs, and it is adjustable in 9 levels to work easier with reflective materials.

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